Living on a farm you get used to the idea that you never know quite what's going to happen. Still, when the truck came to fill the propane tank today I wasn't expecting anything unusual. As I took the receipt and headed back to the house one of the mama sheep I had let out to graze the yard came up and snatched the bill out of my hands! I tried to snatch it back hoping to get to it before she ate the "Amount Due" and half expected her to just spit it out with distaste. But with my hands full of the eggs I had just collected and her stubborn determination all I could do was watch as it disappeared into her mouth.

I was a little embarrassed to admit what had happened, but when I called to explain the man on the phone just laughed and offered to send a new receipt.
One of the benefits of living in farm country is that if you say, "The sheep ate my bill," people will believe you.