Good Neighbors

We got a call from the neighbor the other day that four Jersey steers had mysteriously shown up in his pastures. We knew ours were safely behind this sturdy 4 foot woven wire fence and hoped they had come from someone else's farm.
That hope faded when we saw what the cattle had done to the fence. They managed to bend it so low that they could step right over it and go visiting.

They were good about coming back home again and it made for a nice sunset walk through the fields. But we knew we'd have to do something about the fence before letting them graze that paddock again or we'd be getting another call from the neighbor when they headed back over to see their new friends.

Rich got out some yellow insulators and electric fencing and strung up a hot wire to keep them from leaning too far over the fenceline. That should keep them out of trouble the next time around.