First Trip Down the Lane

Our newly weaned Jersey calves are ready to head out to the paddock I set up for them at the other end of the farm--nearly a half mile away. We picked up the calf that is a month older than them and headed down the lane that runs the length of our farm.

We took a nice leisurely pace for their first official pasture move--more of a stroll really.

They stopped frequently to munch on the clover that is blooming in the lane. Farine the farm dog joined in the grazing as well. It is nice to have such a convenient snack on a hike.

They tried a sip of a puddle along the way too, but I encouraged them to wait for the fresh water I had waiting for them just up ahead.

They turned right into the paddock when we arrived, found the water, and settled in to graze the tender grass like old pros.