Moving Day

We've been busy preparing for the big day: setting the movable pen out on pasture, putting the roost inside, placing feed and water nearby. Meanwhile the chickens have been sprouting new feathers that will protect them from the weather when they leave the brooder. And growing and growing. When the forecast shows sunny days ahead everyone is ready for it. We carefully put each chick into a travel pen and drive them all down to the pasture.

When the pen is ready with the water filled and the feeder inside the chickens can move in.

We set the travel pens inside their new home...

and put each chicken down near the water and grain so they'll know where to find them right away.

Fresh grass is all around them so they'll have no trouble finding that.

Young chickens are said to have no roosting instinct, but these birds take to the roost right away. This feature will help them stay warm and dry by keeping them above the cool spring ground.

Within minutes they are already starting to forage, busily eating grass and clover and looking for insects. It's amazing how quickly they take advantage of their new surroundings.