The Fuchs family arrived in this area around a hundred years ago, started farming the land, built a simple home, and raised 15 children.  In 1944 they added onto the house and along the way brought more fields into production.  This photo was taken in the fifties.  I'm still in awe of what they accomplished through sheer hard work erecting buildings and turning the land into a productive dairy farm.  Some of the children who grew up here have told us stories of sleeping on pallets in the unfinished upstairs in wintertime when the snow would sift in through the spaces between the boards.  The house is very different now from its early history and also from its life in the sixties and seventies.  We've revealed and finished the original hardwood floors, removed dark paneling and opened up the rooms.  Snow no longer drifts in to settle on us in the night.  Still, the history feels very close by.