Yogurt Pie

I had put a pie crust into the fridge to thaw while I waited for a free moment and some inspiration. I like to make up a batch of crusts and store them in the freezer so they can be handy for a day like this. With all these great ingredients around it didn't take long to come up with a plan once the day wound down.
Fresh maple syrup, dark and flavorful, and eggs from "Waldo's" hens' would be wonderful in a yogurt pie. Homemade yogurt would have been nice, but the neighborly organic cow has just gone dry while she gets ready for the arrival of her new calf--and it's just not the same with store milk.
But we froze strawberries and rhubarb last summer and they make a good topping with some syrup and a little cardamom.

Is it okay to have pie for breakfast?